Easy Applique Tutorial: Circles!

Here’s a tutorial I posted last week at Sara’s blog Sew Sweetness. In case you missed it, you can find it below and now under my tutorial’s page. Thanks Sara for including me in the Sewing School!

Easy Applique Tutorial!

Easy Circle Applique:

Let’s talk applique. It’s an easy way to sew two fabrics together, one on top of the other.  There are lots of ways to applique but today I am going to show you how to machine applique circles the quick and easy way.

Supplies Needed:

Rotary circle cutter or Go! Baby Shape Cutter (You can also make your own template the old fashioned way with a plate, a pencil and some scissors.)
8.5″ square piece of fabric for the background
5.5″ square piece of fabric for the circle
bonding agent: either Lapel Stick (a fabric glue stick) or iron-on stabilizer such as Heat-n-Bond Lite.
coordinating thread
sewing machine

1. cut your fabric into 5.5″ squares.
If you are using a fabric stabilizer, such as Heat-n-Bond Lite, now is the time to iron it onto the back of the fabric squares. Cut pieces of stabilizer that are just shy of 5.5″ and follow the package instructions.
I prefer not to use stabilizer and just use a fabric glue stick. See below. 
2. Trace the circles of your die with a sharpie and draw a line above and below the circle so you’ll know where to place your fabric.  Let the marker dry.
3. If you are using a rotary cutter, cut out a 5″ circle. If you are using a Go! Baby fabric cutter, stack 5-6 squares of fabric on your large circle and roll it through the machine.
You get perfect circles and are left with minimal waste.
4. Next, take your 8.5″ background fabric square and fold it in half twice, then press the middle corner with an iron. This will give you the center.
5. Take your circle and apply a small amount of fabric glue to the back, center it and press it gently into place on the background square.
6. Set your sewing machine to a blanket stitch and make sure you leave LONG TAILS of your thread.  Sew on the circle using the blanket stitch. You can also use a tight zigzag stitch.  Again, cut LONG THREAD TAILS.
Turn your fabric over and gently pull on the threads so a small loop appears. With a pin (not a seam ripper!) pull the thread to the back. Repeat with the remaining thread tail and tie all threads in a knot. Trim excess.
7. Your perfect circle is now complete!
This same method of applique works with a variety of shapes and is a great way to add a special embellishment to a t-shirt, a tote bag or a quilt.
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

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Thanks again Sara for including me. This was fun!


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    Thank you for the tutorial – I have the die I just haven’t been game to try it yet! I also have the hearts die so the tutorial will apply to both! Thanks again!

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