Great Giveaway Day!

How about a giveaway? It’s perfect for green living!

Two of my sweet friends have started a company called Pure Sky Living and they make reusable paper towels.

Pretty smart, right? Indeed.

They are quick and easy and very useful, especially with their button hole in the middle so you can hang them on knobs in the kitchen.

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You can keep them on the stand then toss them in the basket when they need to be washed.

I use these for lots of things: cleaning,  drying, wiping spills, wiping faces – they are quite handy.

You  should definitely check them out! They’d make a great gift for the holidays too.

How would you like to win a set for your very own? This giveaway is open to US residents only. 

To enter to win, leave a comment below with something you are thankful for.

For an extra chance to win, head over to LIKE Pure Sky Living on Facebook and then come back and leave a comment saying you did.

This giveaway is now closed but you can get your very own set of reusable paper towels at Pure Sky Living at any time! 



  1. Those look amazing!!! If I don’t win, I think I may have to purchase some. I am so very thankful for my husband, my two sons, my family, and my friends.

  2. Neat idea! I’m very thankful for my husband, kiddos, and home!

  3. I’m thankful for my husband and my son, and for our good health this year!

  4. I am thankful that my son will be home from college for a few days and our family can be together.

  5. I’m thankful for all my family! God has blessed me so much.

  6. On a rainy, blustery day, I am thankful we have power again and thankful for our warm, safe home.

  7. Iliked them on FB

  8. How very cool and creative.
    I am also so thankful for my God who is merciful, gracious and loving. I am also thankful for my family, immediate and extended.

  9. Im thankful for my sweet husband and my great mother. Thanks, too, for my fun friends.

  10. I am thankful for my kids, my husband and my parents. I’m also thankful that I’m not making the turkey on Thursday!!

  11. what a great idea!
    i’m most thankful for my husband and son.

  12. I am thankful for my family.

  13. I am thankful we are moving!

  14. I liked them!

  15. I am thankful for family and friends and God’s unending grace.

  16. I friended pure sky living on facebook. What an awesome idea!!

  17. I like Pure Sky Living on fb.

  18. I am thankful for my wonderful husband!

  19. I am thankful for my husband, 2 daughters, and my grandson without them my life would be empty.

  20. my family above all else!!

  21. I’m thankful for my family and health!

  22. Liked on Facebook. Thanks!

  23. What a great idea! I’d love to give these a try. Thankful for my 3 kids!

  24. i am thankful for this computer age, where i can blog … meeting people, recieve instructions, and find out about new products that can change the way one does things. reusable paper towels! thanx for the link to their blog. i have to see more.

  25. enjoyed the links to her website and fb page. much appreciated.

  26. I’m thankful for my family, yes I know that everyone says that, but I REALLY am!

    Those little towels are a great idea. I sure could have used something like that when my girls were little. Now that they’re all grown up I could still use them, my youngest likes to cook but cleaning up, not so much!

  27. I am thankful for my wonderful family!

  28. I am thankful for my family, but especially my husband who takes care of me. Living with someone with a cronic illness is not easy and he never complain!

  29. Thankful for my husband who keeps me laughing everyday.

  30. I liked pure sky on FB

  31. I am thankful that we had health insurance, sick days, educated doctors when my husband had his open-heart surgery.

  32. Like Pure Sky on fb

  33. I am so thankful the wonderful relationship I have with my husband. I have been so blessed!

  34. i am thankful for my wonderful husband and my dear little boy!

  35. I’m thankful for my hubs and our babies.

    And this giveaway. :)

  36. I’d be thankful to not feel guilty every time I throw paper towels away!! christina112358 at gmail dot com

  37. This Thanksgiving I’m especially thankful for my sweet baby girl who was born at home (quite unexpectedly) this past Friday. Thanks for the chance to win, Jennifer!

  38. I am thankful for my wonderful family.

  39. I am thankful we were all home when I discovered that the basement was flooding. I am thankful the water hasn’t seeped into any electrical outlets or motors yet. I am thankful that my husband has the option of working at home, so he can spend a few minutes helping figure out how to clean up the water underneath the washer, dryer, and a bunch of boxes. I am thankful I’m on vacation from work so I can do the laundry from using every towel in the house – three times over – to mop up the mess. I am not quite as thankful for my mother-in-law’s hoarded crap in the basement which soaked up 90% of the water that came in, and now we have to wash and rebox all of.

  40. I am thankful that I have a wonderful and loving husband and 2 grown sons. I am also very thankful for all of my quilting friends. Thank you for having this giveaway.

  41. I’m most thankful for my family – my husband and little girl.

  42. I’m thankful for the silver lining that continues to show when things get hard or expectations change.

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