Thanksgiving Prep

So we always go to the mountains for Thanksgiving with my family. My mom does most of the cooking (thank goodness!) but we all pitch in and bring various things.

I’m signed up to bring breakfast quiche and will be making three as we have 12 people for the weekend.

But of course today I decided I wanted to make pies- pumpkin and chocolate. And then I saw these pumpkin cupcakes and yum they look good.


Might make some homemade salsa too. Cause salsa and football marathons go together like peas and carrots.

Pretty sure I won’t be alone at the grocery store tomorrow.  I’ll be hitting up the Teeter AND Trader Joes. I might have lost my mind. Pretty sure grocery shopping day before Thanksgiving is the same as Christmas shopping on Christmas eve.

But that’s how I roll apparently. Speaking of rolls… yum. Might have to pick up extras of those too.
Maybe I need to eat before I go!

So what are you making for Turkey day?  Will I see you at the grocery too?



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    I am bringing the sweet potato casserole and some rice krispy treats to my mom’s for turkey day! I keep seeing pie making all over blog land and it’s making me want to make a pie. I’ll have to see what my pantry says since I will NOT be going to the grocery store with you!

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    Good luck I went to tjs on Friday and just went ahead and got my turkey because it was already insane! If you’re there you might as well go to great harvest and buy some Virginia rolls, yum!

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    We celebrate Thanksgiving with whatever of my family is in town. This year most of us will be here. 15/19 of us will be gathering at Mom’s house for turkey and tree trimming.

    My husband is the cook in our family. He just got back from the grocery store with supplies to make three pies (pumpkin, pecan, and coconut) and some Maple Squash.

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    Happy Thanksgiving from our house to yours!
    I will be visiting a friend for the holiday and can you guess what she asked me, her Irish friend, to bring? Yeah, potatoes. Some stereotypes will never die…truth is,I do have a kick-a$$ potato recipe!

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    I have to go to the store tomorrow too :) hehe!! Just too much happening this week that I didn’t have a chance yet! It’ll all be good- in the mass chaos 😉 Have fun!!

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    I had to wait to go to the grocery store tomorrow because that is how payday fell. I’m not looking forward to it, I would go first thing in the morning before it got busy, but I have to be at Joann’s first thing to get one of their doorbusters!

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    We’re having a very small Thanksgiving dinner at my son and dil’s place with a friend of theirs. We are all vegetarian (one vegan) and have lots of yummy foods planned. Looking forward to a quiet day as life has gotten a bit hectic.
    Have a lovely time in the mountains.

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    I’m making pies… apple and pumpkin. Yum! I will be at the grocery store today, unfortunately, because even though I went yesterday I forgot stuff (of course) so I have to haul my 15 month old back again. And it was so crazy there yesterday, I can’t even imagine what it’ll be like the day before Thanksgiving!

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