Christmas Stocking Tutorial!

OK so when I stumbled across Nancy’s blog Owen’s Olivia, I knew instantly that I’d found a jewel! 
I love her sewing style, her awesome home decorating style (fabulous pallet wall anyone?) and am so happy she is here today sharing her creative and chic scrappy stocking tutorial. 
Please welcome Nancy! 

Christmas Stocking Tutorial

Hello!  I’m visiting from owen’s olivia today. I feel so lucky to be part of such a creative group.  Jennifer, thank you for having me!

 Handmade Holidays

I started blogging a little over a year ago to document the creative things I was doing in my home.  My first sewing project was my son’s crib bumper and skirt.  Those pieces were awful, but I was really proud of what I had done.  My sewing has much improved, but because I am self-taught, I still have much to learn.  I also like to dabble in all sorts of other things since I am a creative person and am currently redecorating my home one room at a time, so I blog about that as well.

So, are you ready to make a stocking with a zipper?  I added the zipper to spice things up, but also I remembered when I was younger having to place items next to my stocking because not everything would fit into it.  Having a little extra space will let you squeeze in one more item.

There are a few things I would like to mention before we move forward with the tutorial.

1. If you’re wondering why you keep seeing a brown towel in photos, it’s because I iron directly onto my table with a towel in between.   Let’s just say it’s a.w.e.s.o.m.e.  No, really.  It is.
2.  I apologize ahead of time for this ridiculously lengthy tutorial, but there is a zipper involved.
3.  I’m very messy when sewing, so let’s just pretend everything is nice and tidy, m’kay?  Good.  I’m glad we could clear those things up first.


Items needed:

– A stocking to use as a pattern.  Trace it onto paper, and cut it out.  You can also print a pattern here if you do not have a stocking to guide you.
– Enough scrap fabrics to make a front and back
– Two large pieces of scrap fabric to be used as a stabilizer, preferably a thicker material like duck cloth or upholstery fabric
– Fabric for the lining of your stocking.
– 9″ metal zipper.  Mine was purchased from Zipit.  If you need to shorten a zipper, cut it and sew it shut at the end.
– Zipper foot
– 10″ Ric Rac
– Hot iron
– Any permanent fabric glue that dries clear.  I used Liquid Stitch.
– Basic sewing supplies like thread, needle, pins, rotary cutter, and mat.

Seam allowances are 1/2″ unless noted otherwise.  Backstitch or lock stitch at the beginning and end of every time you sew, unless noted otherwise.

Step 1 – Cutting and Piecing Your Scraps

Measure your stocking’s width and length.  Cut your fabric scraps long enough to cover an extra inch on either side.  Your fabric widths can vary in size, which is what I chose to do.
Pin and sew your pieces, two at time, with the right sides together.  Backstitching is not necessary for this step.  Press your seams open.

To save fabric, I chose to follow my cut out pattern, OR you can make a large enough rectangle and cut your stocking from that.

Repeat for this step for the backside, but if you do what I did up above, make sure your foot is going the other way or else you will be ripping out a lot of seams.  

Step 2 – Topstitching

You do not have to topstitch if you don’t want to.  You can also add batting for a more puffy, quilted look, and of course you can experiment with FMQ.  You have a lot of options here.

Using your pattern, cut out your stocking.

Place your stocking over your stabilizer making sure stabilizer exceeds all sides of your stocking.  Pin into place.  Increase your stitch lentgh (I used 3.4) and topstitch close to all of your seams.  Backstitching is not necessary for this part.

Repeat this step for the backside piece of your stocking.

Trim away all excess fabric.

Cut out your lining.   Don’t forget to mirror image your pattern for the second cut!

Step 3 – Adding a Zipper

In the photos, my zipper sits along the edge of the stocking.  Don’t do this!!!  Move the zipper over a 1/4″!  Yep, I made a boo boo that required unpicking seams.

Place your zipper face down a 1/4″ from the side of the stocking.  Pin and sew into place using your zipper foot.  Stop sewing and backstitch when you reach the end of your zipper.

Repeat for the other side.  (Fabric face up, zipper face down)

When you have sewn in the zipper, it should look like this.

Step 4- Attach Your Lining and Ric Rac

Fold and pin the Ric Rac to stocking piece that will be the backside.   I, obviously, forgot that I needed a way to hang my stocking . . .  :)  boo boo #2 but who’s counting?

Place your lining face down onto your stocking.  Pin into place at the very top, and do a double check by flipping your lining over to the wrong side of your stocking.  Both feet should match and go in the same direction.  Sew a straight seam across the top.  When you sew over the Ric Rac shorten your stitch length a little and backstitch.  I did this a few times to ensure it could hold heavier packages, like my future 5 carat diamond ring.  😉 A girl’s gotta dream, right?  Press the seams open.  Repeat for the other side of the stocking.

Step 5 – Sewing Your Stocking Together

Fold your stocking together so that the right sides are together, and pin into place.

And here’s my kindergarten illustration on where to sew and not to sew.

Pink = sew
Blue = do not sew

Leave about a 9″ opening on the lining side.

When you get near the zipper, sew just past the zipper a little.
Clip all your curves making sure not cut your seams, and turn your stocking right side out.
Step 6 – Completing the Zipper
Using the portion of the liner that has not been sewn, fold over the edges 1/4 -1/2″ and press.  Push the liner into the stocking.  This will the last time you will be able to adjust the inside of the stocking, so make sure everything is pushed out correctly and looks the way you want it.
Place the folded edge along the zipper and pin in place.  Using fabric glue and removing the pins one at a time, place glue along the zipper and press the lining onto the zipper.  Press hard and place a few pins to help hold it down.  Glue as far down as you can comfortably go.  Turn your stocking inside out and glue whatever you can down.   Slipstitch what you cannot glue down.   You.Are.Finished. woot! woot!

 Christmas Stocking Tutorial

Thanks so much for having me along with this wonderful Christmas series!  I hope you will stop by owen’s olivia to see what else I’m up to.  Merry Christmas!


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Merry Christmas! 


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    The zipper is pure genius! And just so you know – I used a towel instead of an ironing board for the longest time… takes up less space and requires less work to set up. 😉


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