CBD Oil in Australia – What is it and How To Get It?

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Cannabidiol oil has been gaining a lot of attention in the past few years in the world of health and wellness. And the reason is quite obvious. This miraculous supplement has a large number of claims and proposed benefits ranging from its effectiveness at dealing with chronic pain to its ability to treat seizures. This supplement can be taken in different ways; you can take it orally, add to foods and drinks, ingest in the form of pills or administer it sublingually by placing a few drops under the tongue. This guide helps you learn more about this product and how you can access it in Australia.

What is CBD Oil?

Cannabis oil or cannabidiol oil is made from an extract of cannabidiol that comes from the hemp plant and packed with numerous therapeutic benefits. The oil is made out of leaves, flowers and stalks of the plant. It is produced by grinding the plant material and getting the extract with the help of a solvent. Cannabidiol is one of the 100+ chemicals existing in the Cannabis Sativa plant and it is not psychoactive which means it does not cause the feeling of high usually associated with weed. A carrier oil like hemp seed or coconut is used to dilute the extract and give cannabis oil.

Is Cannabis Oil Legal in Australia and How You Can Get It

Cannabidiol is legal for use in Australia but under controlled conditions. It is not yet prescribed for general use. The Special Access Scheme presently run by the Australian government determines who is permitted to access marijuana for medicinal use. Currently, there are numerous approved medicinal uses of this supplement including serious conditions like seizures. However, this treatment

does not guarantee a cure. It works differently for different people and can help deal with the symptoms in a natural way. To see if you qualify for access to this oil, you need to undergo a series of procedures and produce documents as required.

Once you are verified, you get a valid prescription to obtain CBD oil from a dispensary in Australia. You should also note that both the subscription and procedure can be costly. Another way to get your product is through online sellers but it requires some research and intelligence. When you buy CBD oil online, you should see that you consider only reputed, trustworthy retailers who produce third-party lab test results on their website. As the industry is not yet regulated, you should be more careful about testing and labeling of these products. Moreover, if you live in Australia, you can legally possess and grow marijuana for personal use according to a law that will be introduced in 2020.

Benefits of Cannabis Oil

When talking about the health benefits of cannabidiol oil, the list can be quite long. However, not all these proposed benefits are backed by research or studies. Presently, studies are being conducted to verify the numerous effects of this product. Here are some of the most popular benefits of this oil as suggested by science and medical professionals.

Provide relief from pain – Cannabis oil is considered to be an effective treatment for pain. Our body has an endocannabinoid system that is responsible for the proper functioning of appetite, sleep, disease-fighting and pain. Cannabinoids can help deal with chronic pain by influencing the pain receptors and treating inflammation.

Reduce Anxiety and Depression – Cannabidiol can also impact the serotonin receptors in the brain to affect mood and behavior. Apart from anxiety and depression, it can treat stress, PTSD and other sleep and mood-related disorders.

Aid Seizures and Epilepsy – Anybody suffering from seizures can try this supplement as its benefits for this condition are backed by evidence. Research has shown that cannabidiol can reduce the frequency and intensity of seizures while dealing with sleep, mood and alertness associated with the disease.

Treat Acne – The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD oil and its effectiveness at reducing sebum production can help control acne and other skin-related problems.

Combat Cancer-Related Symptoms – A lot of people are turning to this natural remedy to cure and prevent cancer although research in this area is still limited. However, studies show that cannabidiol oil can control the symptoms of cancer and side effects from its treatment like pain, nausea and vomiting.